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    Custom Fab and Body has had representation on the web since 2002.  Our web pages and page organization has developed along with our business history.  During the time period 2002 - 2006 we used a rather quick method creating and displaying company and product information.  This resulted in over fifty web pages all related through hyperlinks.  Because of the volume of information, not all pages and information have been transformed into our new, quick loading, and unobtrusive format.

   Before you jump in to the historical web pages, be aware that things have changed.  Not all information you will see and read will be currently accurate.  For example, we are now in a new manufacturing facility at a new address.

  The following will provide information and access to our historical web pages.

  Our website changed.  Here's why....

  Find the "old" stuff in the original layout...

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Pumper Tanker Rescue Skid Utility 5th Wheel Convert Van

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