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Custom Fab and Body Recent Deliveries
White House, Tennessee

White House Vol Community Fire Department, White House TN
Commercial Tanker

     This unit features a Peterbilt 330 chassis, galvaneal steel body, and an aluminum manual folding tank bin on the right side.  A suction hose compartment is located above lower compartments on the left side.  Water handling with a Waterous CLVK 500 gpm single stage PTO pump, (2) 1-1/2" crosslays, (2) 2-1/2" discharges (1 each side), (1) 4" suction inlet (left side), (1) 2-1/2" inlet right side, and a 2000 gallon Poly Tank .  Dumping from (3) Newton 10" air operated dump valves, (2) side air operated telescoping chutes, and (1) rear gravity chute (automatic flip down).  Emergency lighting by Power Arc with (3) Whelen 15 scene lights (1 each side, 1 rear).   Federal electronic siren / speaker, and a Federal Q-Siren through the front bumper.

A note received 1/29/2014 from White House Vol. Fire Department Asst. Chief Joe R. Williams:

I noticed you still had our tanker on your website.  I wanted to let you know, we have had great service out of this unit.  We are starting our 14th year with it.  We have just ordered our first part, which is an air valve for the slide out chutes for the side.  This unit has made over 1000 calls and is still doing great.  If you ever need a reference feel free to contact me.

Joe R. Williams
Asst. Chief

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Phone: (715) 754-5316
Fax: (715) 754-2903

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