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Custom Fab and Body Recent Deliveries
Waupun, WI

Waupun Fire Dept, Wisconsin
Commercial Tanker, Aluminum Body

   This all aluminum tanker was built on an International 4400 chassis. The truck is equipped with a 2200 gallon UPF Poly-tank with 3-Newton electrically actuated dump valves. The dump valves are controlled at each side at the rear and in the cab. The dump chutes are automatic flip down gravity chutes that operate off the water being dumped. There are two (2) rear slide in compartments at each side of the apparatus, one (1) for a portable water tank and one (1) for suction hose and strainer. At the rear tail board there is a customer supplied portable pump which is plumbed from the water tank with a 2 tank to pump and a 1 return line. The pump is plumbed for discharge purposes only with a pump supplied discharge manifold. The warning lights on the apparatus consist of all Code 3 lights: 1-XL5000 light bar, 8-40BZ strobe low level perimeter lights, 2-550 upper rear beacons and AS-10 Arrow stick. There are six (6) Weldon 26 12-volt scene lights provided; two (2) each side and two (2) at the rear panel. The apparatus is also equipped with a Sharperview 7 flat screen rear mounted, back up camera. The apparatus is finished off with Realwheels Stainless Steel wheel simulators and hand painted 23K gold leaf lettering.

   Waupun Fire Department also took delivery of a custom skid unit for use in the cargo area of a John Deere Gator.  This unit was also ordered from Custom Fab and Body.  See the delivery write-up here.

For more information about this converted commercial tanker contact:
Custom Fab and Body
158 U.S. Hwy 45
Marion WI 54950
Phone: (715) 754-5316
Fax: (715) 754-2903

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