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Rosholt, WI

Rosholt Fire District, Wisconsin
Commercial Wet-Side Tanker

  The pumper for the Rosholt Fire District was built on a Spartan “Big Easy” chassis.  The body and the top control operator’s panel were completely constructed from aluminum material.  The body consists of high side compartments on the LH (driver’s) side and low side compartments on the RH (officer's) side.  The ladders are stored on brackets above the RH side compartments, and the suction hoses are stored in the hose bed.  The apparatus is equipped with a Hale Qflo 1250 gpm single stage pump with a Foam Pro 2002 foam injection system.  The water tank on the apparatus has a capacity of 1000 US gallons of water with an integral 50-gallon foam cell.  The apparatus is equipped with a Harrison 6kw hydraulic driven generator, which supplies power to (2) 1500-watt Extenda-Lite bottom-raise quartz lights.  The apparatus is equipped with all Code III halogen emergency lighting and siren.

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