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New Franken, Wisconsin

New Franken Fire Department, WI
Rescue - Equipment Van

  Built on a Freightliner chassis, this original Union City Body Company van body was modified by Custom Fab and Body.  The modifications were custom designed and made to the fire departments specifications by Custom Fab and Body.  The exterior of the body consists of compartments cut into the rear sides of the body, one (1) compartment ahead of the right rear wheels for a generator, extrication tools and pump.  The remainder usable space under the interior floor has slide out compartments.  The interior of the body consists of a RV style restroom, refrigerator, air conditioner, 30 lockers (for turnout gear storage).  Seating for four (4) fire fighters, and cabinets for interior storage of equipment.  The interior was equipped with blue 12-volt lights for use while the vehicle is moving and florescent 120-volt lights for use on scene or in the station plugged into the shoreline.  The vehicle is equipped with a Harrison 10kw hydraulic generator which runs numerous outlets and exterior scene lights.  There are four (4) Extenda-Lite recessed mounted 500-watt scene lights at each side.  At the rear of the vehicle there are two (2) Fire Research tripod lights with two (2) 500-watt light heads per tripod.  In the right rear compartment there is a Hannay electric rewind cord reel with 200 ft. of electrical cord and an Akron/GFE lighted junction box.  The vehicle is equipped with a Code 3 halogen emergency lighting package and a Federal siren and speaker.  There is Grover Stutter tone air horns and Realwheels stainless steel wheel simulators finishing off this sharp looking equipment van for the New Franken, WI Fire Department.

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Custom Fab and Body
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Marion WI 54950
Phone: (715) 754-5316
Fax: (715) 754-2903

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