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Mosinee, WI

Mosinee Fire District, Mosinee Wisconsin
Commercial Tanker

      This truck is built on a Kenworth T-3 chassis with a 350-HP Paccar diesel engine and Allison 3000EVS transmission.  The truck is equipped with a Waterous CLVK 500GPM PTO pump supplying water to a 1 ½” pre-connect discharge at the left side catwalk and to two (2) 2 1/2” discharges at the left side compartment.  The pump control panel, 4” intake connection and all controls are located inside the left front compartment of the body.  The lower skirting body is aluminum construction equipped with Gortite aluminum roll up doors.  The water tank is a UPF Poly-Wetside 2200-gallon tank with an integral hose bed at the top.  The rear of the tank is equipped with a 4” direct tank fill with a 4”storz adapter and a 4” storz x (2) 2 ½” NST female clappered siamese adapter.  The tank is also equipped with a Newton 10” stainless steel electrically actuated dump valve which is also supplied with a Newton stainless steel swivel chute and telescoping extension chute.  The right side of the body is supplied with a Ziamatic electric portable tank system with a painted aluminum panel to match the apparatus body.  The left side of the body is equipped with manual ladder brackets to hold a Duo Safety aluminum 24’ 2-section extension ladder.  The warning light package is a Whelen Super LED package that also consists of the Whelen 600 Series tail light clusters.  Realwheels stainless steel wheel covers finish this apparatus with their great appearance and style.

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