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Hollandtown, WI

 Hollandtown Fire Department, Kaukauna Wisconsin
Commercial Tanker

      This tanker/tender is built on a Freightliner M2 112 chassis powered by a Detroit Diesel 450HP engine with an Allison 4000EVS transmission.  The body is an all aluminum structure with two (2) compartments ahead of the rear wheels at each side equipped with Gortite aluminum roll up doors.  The second compartment at the driver’s side is equipped with a CET 9hp pump on a slide out tray that is equipped with removable plumbing that allows the pump to be removed from the compartment as needed.  This compartment also stores a rolled hose storage rack.  There is a portable tank rack recessed into the passenger side of the apparatus body equipped with a painted aluminum enclosure.  The portable tank system is a Ziamatic PTS unit to hold one (1) 3500-gallon Husky brand tank.  The water tank has a capacity of 3500-gallons and is equipped with three (3) Newton electrically actuated dump valves and telechutes at the rear center and rear sides.  There is also one (1) 2 ˝” direct tank fill and one (1) 4” direct tank fill with a 4” storz adapter.  The warning light system on the apparatus is an all Whelen Super LED system and is also equipped with six (6) Whelen 900 Series Super LED scene lights.

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