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Message from our Owner and President

    Custom Fab and Body is a custom build manufacturer.  We really do not have any one standard unit.  Our products are as unique as our customers.  All of our products are designed and built to meet our customers specific needs.   We will always build you a high quality custom product that will fit your budget.

    We will not cut corners in quality, design, or material in effort to lower costs.  I believe this practice is only a another way to shorten a products’ life span.  This company draws from the employee's years of experience, personal training, and their talent and ingenuity to allow for a superior product at a very competitive price.

    It is sometimes difficult to find a company that will take the time to listen to the customers, integrate their design requirements, and understand their financial needs.    We are that company.  We will always listen to you and consider your requirements.  Do our best to understand your expectations and do what we can to design a custom product that will meet your needs.

   Wayne B. Block, Owner
   Custom Fab and Body, LLC

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Pumper Tanker Rescue Skid Utility 5th Wheel Convert Van

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